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EJFJ Corporation (PSC) - Ergonomic Consulting
EJFJ Corporation SSP
Ergonomic Consulting
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Ergonomics, for whom, for what?

The former ergonomics has been created and invented by Leonardo da Vinci, and is probably used since man tries to optimize the world for its well being and safety. We also do not know if the story goes back far enough in time to have the ability to make history of ergonomics ... Hunting, fishing and gathering already required of ergonomics but there was at the time no need to name this vital need ! Wikipedia has the definition of what is ergonomics in the present world. EJFJ Corporation goes further, this innovative or futuristic company has updated ergonomics taking advantage of technologies. It even made technologies go far further to satisfy human needs. Nothing is finalized yet, many started by Medical Pack tracks were followed by many manufacturers, but nothing has been successful, the human remains at the service of the economy, and not the opposite ... Humanity is in danger , it was long considered a variety of animal and plant species as endangered, many are because of human activity, thoughtless. It protected the animals ... Everything is not better ... There is concern from some environment, then spends money to protect the environment... Everything is not better... Now that the animals are protected, which before was tested on animals is tested on humans... In the 80s , Michel Coluchi said that communism is the only serious disease that has never been tested on animals ... Since there were many others, and uncontrollable capitalism becomes contagious! The human is the end of the chain, it undergoes what everyone does in an unsatisfactory manner for thousands of years. He continues what has been done. But the systems are unsatisfactory, nothing is optimized , some have been in their early... For example , judicial systems, LA Justice, which does not exist in the singular, but plural, indicating that there is a (dis)illusion, abolished the death penalty in some countries, while miscarriages continue they, killing around the world... The human is not considered as it is taken seriously where it is interested (career) and unprepared where it is professional (privacy!). Everyone is obliged to end his life at best, many live by the obligation, without pleasure, and under stress, because he must... But according to ergonomic principles, it would be better to live well! Everyone has their way to draw, each has a useful role to play, regardless of its place and influence it can have on others. See in this regard the precept of EJFJ Corporation
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In human life, it's all about time ...

Human only live once and every second way is lost forever...While some high capacity often remember past the point of believing can relive (feel sensations, restore accurate and real memories ...), no one can retrieve seconds,minutes,months or years of waiting...Human systems are failing on this point because medicine requires days of suffering a weeks,a months or years before relief "patient".And justice it needs to better several years or leaving suffering. EJFJ Corporation SSP has some of his reforms, such as the Health Systems Quality worldwide normalization(Project Medical Pack
First international project to computerize the medical field, dated from November 18th, 1993, and the only international project witch has continued since 2001.
) the legal EJFJ system... Established a automaticity as an immediacy there is still someone who had s is left to imagine it possible even in a science fiction movie! Technology is taking us, human and speed! Why not take advantage, using them better, seeking helpful? This is our challenge, you can enjoy and help us make this crazy dream a reality
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What future after which past?

The Medical Pack
First international project to computerize the medical field, dated from November 18th, 1993, and the only international project witch has continued since 2001.
Project and its many sub-projects are the basis for a more efficient world where every human can succeed in the way they want, according to all their specificities, without any obligation except the respect of other human beings (new international rules). These efficient rules allow creativity and warranty permanent improvement of each human being, organisational entity, society, ... The same simples rules for all : respect, efficient collaboration, immediate financial sanctions for each little unrespect, rewarding victims before they notice they could have been victims. Every one benefit of highly efficient security because of auto-responsability of any person, anyone must respect the other humans to be respected, without constraint or pressure but upon invitation and self-empowerment. Everyone deserves to have his life capital, loan, rent, theft, arising from the economic system, harm to human life and nothing can not be quantified, it has great value but no price! As everything is economic, it should define a price for human life, an average of 500 million...
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